Back (Again)…..:p


Hai back again with me ;D. may it’s a thousand times. hehehee *evilgrin :B

Yes, I am to busy to posting here. #tsaaah :p.

But anw, my last posting was in Wonosobo, and you know what, after that i went to Purbalingga, west Java and Riau. You have to know, when i’m in Riau, i got a Cacar disease :”(

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I’m Back………. B)

Hey, it almost 1 year from my latest post. And Now,,, I’M BACK (glancing) B)

Now i will tell what happened in 1 year.. Everything’s changed.. including my weight 😦 (so hard to write it)

I’m a civil servant now, ah… so shy to admit it *blushing*. I work at one of  gonverment agency which  take care of land.. just guess it :p

And today i’m in Wonosobo. It sound so faaaaaaaaaaaaar. but acctually it;s far, i have to enjoying 12 hour trip to my home… pheeeew

Oh ya,,, about my family… they are fine and I still love them, ups nope.. I still love them very much :p

And the point is THANK GOD.. Thanks to everything which i got.. and i’m so sorry if i still compalin about everything. Please still always safe all my family and i.

Be Grateful

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Song for today

Apalah arti cinta, bila aku tak bisa
Apalah arti cinta, bila pada akhirnya
Tak ‘kan menyatu..

Sesulit inikah jalan takdirku
Yang tak inginkan kita bahagia

Bila aku tak berujung denganmu
Biarkan kisah ini ku kenang selamanya
Tuhan tolong buang rasa cintaku
Jika tak kau ijinkan aku bersamanya

Inilah saatnya aku harus melepaskan dirimu

Tuhan tolong buang rasa cintaku
Jika tak kau ijinkan aku bersamanya

SHE – Apalah Arti Cinta-



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LOVE IS ……. #speechless

Do you know about LOVE…. ?

i often hear about it. but, i think acctually nobody know the trully meaning of LOVE.

Is that LOVE when somebody sacrifice everything to someone else?

Is that LOVE when smebody feel comfort with someone else?

Is that LOVE when somebody care with someone else?

Is that LOVE…..???????????

I just can’t say anything when somebody tell me about LOVE… Is that true or false ? Is that sincerely or just a silly joke??

Acctually, i really don’t understand about it. I only know that i am afraid to hurted. yap, many people told me like that, “You will understand about LOVE when you got hurted”

it’s sounds so crazy….

You know…. Sometimes i don’t want to feel everything like they called LOVE. And i always go away from that feeling. I prefer go away… far..far…away when i feel like that. I know, it sounds very misery. But i don’t know what i have to do. I don’t want to feel like that, but acctually i want it…



huuuuuuffff whatever……$%#%^%&*&)*_*%%#$%





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When i woke up in the morning i feel so sad. I dreamed about my family, i miss them. and I really miss them.

Thanks God, to give that dream. It,s like a little touch to make me remember about my lovely family.

Since i worked here, i am too buzy to think about everything. i just think about my self and my job. It sounds sooooo selfish. I know it.


Letter to my lovely family :

“Mom, I’m so sorry to being like this. I just don’t know what should i have to do. I miss every moment  which we did.  Dad, I’m so sorry to be someone’s selvish like this. I just don’t  know what should i have to say to you when we meet. Sist, I’m so sorry to be ms. buzy. Thought we are in the same room, but i always come when you slept and still sleeping, when you want to go.

I’m so sorry all. I just miss you all. I really hope you’ll never forget about me like i do. Acctually, i just doing it all is because you all. I want to make you happy and proud of me.


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Miss u my blog

It’s too looooooong time to post something here again…
I m too buzy to thinnk about you,my blog. “̮ ƗƗɐƗƗɐƗƗɐ “̮

But now, technology is more sophisticated.. I can write whenever and wherever I am.
Thanks to all the genius people in this world. You make me can handle the world^_-

Okay let’s we start it again…

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i will find “you”

After my name added with S.Si on 12 Juli 2010, i still wanted for a job. I know it’s not easy to me, especially after i refused a job in Belitung.. Yap, i ever refused the offer (Oh God, what a freak i am 😦 ).

Now, i feel it seems like revenge to me…hiks 😳 . I still searching now.

Sometimes i feel so sad… deeply sad, when i am looking my email and it’s nothing.. There’s nothing new mail on my inbox 😳

A week ago, my acquaintance offer a job in someplace in Indonesia. Fortunately, that’s a kind of job which i really-really want. I really excited :grin:, i mean very excited :razz:. I sent all the things quickly. But, until now, there’s nothing happened with my inbox 😥

When i can’t get today or  in the short future… But I believe someday  I WILL FIND YOU (my dream carerr) :mrgreen:

I know God always show me the way … Amin 😀

Tuk berikan kesempatan …. untuk buktikan kumampu jadi yang terbaik dan masih yang terbaik

Ku tetap menanti ….

Hingga kau tahu betapa besar … Cinta ku padamu …

Ku tetap menanti ….

(the part lyric which i really like for this season) 😉

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